Why Stublr

Stublr provides a daily list of the hottest events going on sale on over 20 ticketing sites. Here's what you get:

1. Fast access to everything going on sale today.
2. Presale Passwords plopped into your lap.
3. We have 100s of sales every day, so you get great filters so you see only what you want.
4. Perfect for procrastinators! If you're habitually late for sales, you love the favorites list - pulls up instantly.
5. No dealing with messy lists of links...it's all database driven!
6. Droplist tracking gets you profit from sold out events.
7. Real time broker to broker chat - you've never had so many friends!
8. Take the garbage out. Never going to buy tickets in Phoenix? Hide those venues and never deal with them again.

This and more. Here's a sneak peak:



Ok, ready to join? Great you can do so below. (In case you are wondering, we don't offer trials - our customers have spoken and they don't want competition from people that just abuse the trial system...so...if you want to compete on the events they are getting access to, you gotta pay to play.)

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